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"Giù dal nido" - Take Flight!

The production of the first season of Take Flight is over! It has meant so much for us, one year of hard work, our first series that is integrally in VR, and it has brought us to meet so many amazing people.

We have had the honor to present our project at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam, where we have received much appreciation and met more young creative mids to connect with!

Our animators, that we can never thank enough for the hard work and dedication, the character designer, the modelers, the storyboard artist, our great storywriter, the music and sound department with a special thanks to the sound designer and our precious dubber, that have given us their time and patience. Rai Ragazzi with all their team that have believed in us from the start.

It has been an incredible and enriching adventure, we'll see you on Rai Yoyo, be ready to spread your wings!


Our team

Director: Caterina De Mata

Author and ScreenWriter: Anna Giurickovic Dato

Art Director and co-Director: Fabio Santomauro

Music: Dario Vero

Voice: Daniela Calò

Production Manager and CGI Supervisor: Luca Di Cecca

Lead Animator: Umberto Salerni

Animator Supervisor: Marco Farace

Rig : Nicolas D'Amore

Animation: Marco Farace, Umberto Salerni, Nicolas D'Amore,

Editing: Luca Di Cecca

Sound Design: Matteo Lugara

General organization: Cristian Furci, Chiara De Gol, Ilaria De Andreis

Special Thanks : Luca De Mata, Orsa Lumbroso, Daniela Ducci, Pietro e Giulia Giurickovic,Stefania Settiniere, Marco Iodice, Blender Foundation

Made with Blender


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